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Recently Completed Projects
" Our Service is Always in Season"

Wow!  The yard looks FANTASTIC! When I got home, I was
just knocked over by how good it looked.  Once I got inside, I
had a message on my machine from my neighbor asking who
did the work because it looked so good.  --- CB - Suwanee

Rick, your guys did a wonderful job here today.  They are very
hard workers.  We just wanted you to know how hard and
diligent they worked in this heat today and how terrific it looks.  
We are so happy with the changes you have helped us make
around our house.  Again, many thanks!!---EC - Suwanee

Dear Rick,
Please thank your team for going the extra mile.  I have
noticed what a difference it makes in blowing the fertilizer off
of the sidewalks, driveways, etc.  Today I came home from
work and noticed my neighbor's service had fertilized (you
could not miss it).... there was fertilizer everywhere...the
sidewalk is a huge issue for me..our kids walk through it and
ride their scooters and track it into our home.  ---ML - Suwanee

I would recommend Rick Goldschmidt of Golden Landscape,
Inc.  Rick is a friend of mine and he has maintained our yard
(at two houses) for the last 3+ years.  His crews are
responsible and dependable.  In addition to weekly
maintenance, they can also provide weed control and fertilizer
services, annual flower installation, pine straw/mulch, etc.  Rick
can also provide design and installation service
s too (he did
grading work, topsoil and installed Zeon Zoysia sod in our
backyard that looks GREAT!).  Rick's crew maintain
s at least
4 other yards right around us, too. ---
Brian - Cumming,GA